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Shipman Acres is located in the Southeast corner of Tennessee just north of the Georgia line.  Owned and operated by Nathan and Stacy Shipman, their love of gardening and caring for a small flock of free range chickens has expanded into a full time enterprise of several acres.  Their love of the Kangal Dog has also led them to breed these amazing dogs.

Stacy Shipman is a member of The Kangal Dog Club of America.

The Kangal Dog is the national dog of Turkey and have been used for thousands of years as livestock guardians. They protect sheep and goat herds from predators on the east-central plains of Turkey. As they are a national treasure in Turkey, they are treasured on our little farm here in Tennessee where they protect our livestock from coyotes and other natural predators. The Kangal Dog is recognized in the US as a breed with the United Kennel Club, and the Kangal Dog Club of America works diligently to preserve the breed standard for these dogs. To the right is a photo of our two beautiful dogs, Hannah and Bea. 


Banks Mountain Mina DOB 1/14/2016, is a UKC registered Kangal Dog. Her OFA hip rating is "Excellent". She is a working dog, experienced with fowl, a great mentor for younger dogs and is extremely devoted to her human family. 

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